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Get Reiki certified!

I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, offering all three levels of Reiki in the traditional Usui method. 
These classes are offered where and when there is an interest. I often schedule classes at the convenience of interested students.
NOTE: Completion of Reiki One is a prerequisite to Reiki II. Completion of Reiki II is a pre-requisite to Reiki Master. Reiki Master/Teacher is now a separate certification and will be discussed with the prospective student.

Here's how the scheduling of classes works:
Nowadays, I custom create a Reiki class for individuals who have contacted me and expressed interest. It seems to work really well this way.

My Reiki I class is a one-day class, lasting 6 to 6 ½ hours.
I provide lunch, the book that you need, and all the instructions and any materials.

To keep costs down, it is held at my home, where my massage therapy office is located. (I have held them in other locations, but the lugging of the Reiki tables, the travel and sometimes the fees to rent space have become financially prohibitive.)

The pricing varies, depending on the number attending.

I can accommodate up to 6 people, but have done classes for as small as two.

A private class (one person only in the class) is $200 for the day.

For a two or three person class, that is reduced to half price ($100 for the day.)

Four or more students in any given class and each person will only have to pay $75, all-inclusive.
As far as dates go, I can reserve a day that will work best for you. We take it from there. If there is a group that expresses interest, I poll the group to see what day works best.

Right now, I can be available for daytime classes, with enough advance notice, Tuesdays through Saturdays.

If this don’t work, other arrangements can be made.

Peace and Light,

Sue McPhee, Reiki Master/Teacher
Please call  me at 603-464-5119 or email for further info on classes.

*Reiki I (Usui method): Reiki (energy) involves the practitioner placing his/her hands on (or above) the client with the intention of facilitating deep relaxation, a sense of peacefulness and the opportunity for healing on many levels. Reiki I is an entry level, one-day class, offered when there is sufficient interest. The student will begin to understand the concepts of “energy work,” learn the history of Reiki and the hand positions for facilitating self-healing as well as for others. The chakra system of energy centers in the body is also introduced. There will be ample time to practice and for discussion. Creative ways to use Reiki (including plants, animals, etc.) will be discussed. Throughout the course of the day, the student will be "attuned" to Reiki energy by way of four attunements administered by the Reiki Master/Teacher. These attunements create the practitioner. An official certificate is awarded upon completion.

**Reiki II (Usui method): This is also a one-day class, offered when there is sufficient interest. This is an expansion of the Reiki energy learned in Reiki I. The three ancient healing symbols and how to use them are taught. The student is shown how to open the channels of long-distance healing, how Reiki energy can cross time and space. One attunement and ongoing discussion complete the process. The student is required to be practicing Reiki I for at least six months before taking this certification class. An official certificate will be awarded upon completion.


***Reiki Master (Usui method): This one-day class, offered when there is sufficient interest, instructs the student in the uses of the Master symbol, prepares the student to attune others to Reiki and begins to prepare the student to teach others. The knowledge and materials needed to teach all three levels of Reiki (Usui method) are presented. Further training will be offered to those who are serious about teaching. The Master attunement is given and there is ample time to practice conferring attunements and for class discussion. The student is required to be practicing Reiki II for at least six months before taking this certification class. An official Reiki Master certificate will be awarded upon completion. To progress to a Teacher certification, further training may be offered at the discretion of the Reiki Master/Teacher.

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