Sue McPhee, MEd, M.A., LMT, RMT
Holistic Journey

FREE meditations by Sue McPhee

The following are meditations created to help you on your journey to peace, calm, serenity and joy.
Just click on the links to access. You may share them whenever you want but must acknowledge the source.
Thank you.
Sue McPhee

This one is a three-minute relaxation meditation.

This next one is called Increasing Joy.
You follow the guided 7-minute meditation (there is a very brief writing "assignment" at the beginning) to assist your subconscious mind to attract more joy into your life. :)

And this one is a 21-minute guided meditation called Peace, Calm and Serenity. (Please note that clicking on the link will take you to my storytelling website page where the link is more accessible.)


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